Saturday, December 08, 2007

I have no friends (page)!

Gretchen and I went out to dinner on the vet clinic, tonight was the holiday party. We ate well, and had lots of somewhat awkward work conversation. I always feel that I've made a fool of myself at these gatherings.

Last year I ordered a glass of wine. Besides the clinic owners being Mormon, and it being forbidden by their religion; being a company party, it raised issues of liability. Previous to that no one had dared to be so bold, but now the ceiling is broken; this year several people ordered drinks on the companys tab. (I did have a beer, but paid for it myself at the bar, and brought it to the table.)

This year a sweet nothing whispered into my wifes ear became a subject of conversation when she decided to share! Ladies, please, don't share those. Also I was the center of a very awkward conversational pause. Has this happened to you?: I was talking about how difficult it can be for some unfortunate people to loose weight, and all conversation died just as I said some thing like "no matter how you slice it: to loose weight, eat less!" So I totally made myself out to be a fattist. I might actually be something of a fattist, and that scares me. I would rather be, and feel that I usually am, sensitive to others, and understanding. Although, even my sister called me a fattist once. God I hope she was wrong.

On the technical side: I like Blogger because it is convenient, fairly pretty, and I can edit the HTML template! But it is quite feature less. I would like to have a friends page powered by an RSS aggregator. I may have to switch to Joomla or WordPress. But I don't think I'm up for that much work. Better to blog now, and code when motivated.

Parting Shot: CDC - Overweight and Obesity


At 11:55 PM , Blogger sloth said...

its okay dude, its just casue your fat.

At 2:12 AM , Blogger Caspur said...

I am a fattist but ashamed of being so. I don't want to think I am shallow but it still bothers me, and it bothers me that I am a fattist.

I'm sorry....

At 10:19 PM , Blogger Mark-iester Brotha said...

I'm your friend! (and cousin)

Hey, what a treasure trove of stuff. I stumbled upon your web-page from seeing you in Plaxo. We'll have to keep in touch!




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