Monday, February 21, 2005

New song bird makes parrot sound like a four pack a day habit.

My step grandmother Flo (aka: Crazy Lady) has been suffering the slow degrading death of dementia. She can still get out a coherent sentence or two in the mornings, but by evening she isn't capable of speech. Her caretaker Marjorie is truly an excellent: Mad props!

the point of my lollygagging is that I am in possession of her stereo, it's a McIntosh (2100amp, preamp, and tuner), with an NHT speaker system (Super Zero & Powered Sub). It sounds very good. (Understatement) I also have the privilege of holding in trust a mildly impressive collection of classical music, about 300 CD's ish, collected by her late husband Anthony. Upon Anthony's death I was given his University of Illinois class ring, I wore it for many years, until I developed a mild rash. I hope it's not an allergy to gold - that would be silly - but it might be. I really hope it's not Anthony's ghost disapproving of the way I live my life. It would suck to have a ghost hate me, my saber is useless against ghosts. Believe me I know...

Good night for now...


At 3:17 AM , Blogger Physical Original said...

Either I'm on something or.... oh.


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